The Human Form Portfolio

Surfcomber Hotel, Art-deco building, cars, alto cumulus clouds, COFV02P04_01Hikker, Person, Woman, Female, Delicate Arch, Clouds, geologic feature, geoform, NSUV06P07_09OLFV05P04_02.1153PAFPCD0652_027BPAFPCD0653_088psyscape, PAFPCD0654_059CHuman Figure, Trees, Ice, Snow, PAFPCD0655_056Human Figure, Trees, Ice, Snow, PAFPCD0655_057BHuman Figure, Trees, Ice, Snow, PAFPCD0655_066Human Figure, Trees, Ice, Snow, PAFPCD0655_070Human Figure, Trees, Ice, Snow, PAFPCD0655_074Piano Man, piano, playing music, face, profile, musical Instrument, PAFPCD0656_003path, trail, nature, natural, clifss, rocks, field, coastline, coastal, coast, Pacific Ocean, portfolio, PAFPCD0657_097BSonoma County, California, PAFPCD0657_112BPacific Ocean, Trees, road, Santa Cruz, PAFPCD0658_136BBear Island, Penobscot Bay, coastline, coast, shore, PAFPCD0663_003Water Brothers, Bear Island, Penobscot Bay, coastline, coast, shore, PAFPCD0663_004Water Brothers, Bear Island, Penobscot Bay, coastline, coast, shore, PAFPCD0663_007DBrothers in the Water, Shore, Beach, Clouds, Bear Island, Penobscot Bay, coastline, coast, PAFPCD0663_008rock, stone, Boulder, PAFPCD0663_062rock, stone, Boulders, jump, PAFPCD0663_063Bwater, pond, lake, reflection, Humboldt County, PAFPCD0664_025CWashington State Coastline, PAFPCD0664_039ice, snow, cold, rock, granite, Frozen, Icy, Winter, PAFPCD0664_100Mount Lemon, Tucson, PAFPCD3344_127lava cave, underground, cavern, fairy tale land, Magma, Lava Tube, Igneous Rock, PAFPCD3348_097the harbor at Bear Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine, PAFV01P04_08.2672the harbor at Bear Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine, PAFV01P04_11.2672Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, ocean, 1970's, PAFV01P14_11.2672At the base of Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite National Park, Waterfall, PAFV02P13_17.2673Stinson Beach, Marin County, California, PAFV02P15_13.2673Stinson Beach, Marin County, California, PAFV02P15_16.2673Craters of the Moon National Monument, PAFV03P15_04CBWPoint Reyes National Seashore, PAFV04P04_17Ocean Beach, Ocean-Beach, PAFV04P14_16.2674Ocean Beach, Ocean-Beach, PAFV04P14_17B.2675Ocean Beach, Ocean-Beach, PAFV04P14_18B.2675Ocean Beach, Ocean-Beach, PAFV04P14_19C.2675Dream, Vision, Boy, Burkina Faso, PAFV05P03_18CBurkina Faso, PAFV05P04_02.2675Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, PAFV05P09_12.2675Cancun, Mexico, PAFV05P12_02.2675Mount Tamalpais, Fog, Sunrise, California, USA, PAFV06P06_17Cannon Beach, Pacific Ocean, sand, landmark rock, Haystack Rock, PAFV06P12_06.2676Man on a placid walk, Lake Merritt, PAFV07P03_04.2676In the Spirit of Light, Marin Headlands, California, PAFV07P05_01.2677Drakes Bay, pacific ocean, water, beach, sand, RVLV03P07_13.2654pacific ocean, water, beach, sand, sun, Drakes Bay, RVLV03P07_14.2654Abstracia in the Theory of Time, XPHPCD0663_068the split in reality and time, XPHPCD0663_071XPHPCD0663_076Lady of Space, an icon of that . . . . , XPHPCD0663_077The Dragon Slayer, XPHV01P02_01Deep Inner Heat, XPHV01P02_08BXPHV01P02_10XPHV01P02_12XPHV01P02_14face silhouette, logo, shape, XPHV01P02_15MIn the Reflective Introspection of Self as Dreamer, XPHV01P03_01XPHV01P03_05XPHV01P03_07XPHV01P03_12In a Swirl, XPHV01P04_01Gathering of Water Sisters and Brothers, XPHV01P04_09XPHV01P04_14XPHV01P05_08BSpectronic Vibrations of the IN, XPHV01P05_13Round, Circular, Circle, XPHV01P05_19Round, Circular, Circle, XPHV01P06_03Round, Circular, Circle, XPHV01P06_06The Reach for the Split Self, XPHV01P06_09XPHV01P06_17XPHV01P07_04immutable prognostication of Joy, Jumping with the self as spirit, XPHV01P07_08Walking man identifies self as a disappearance into the tree, XPHV01P07_10The Eye in a Circle, Round, Circular, XPHV01P07_18Abstract Eye, XPHV01P07_19BLady of Space, XPHV01P08_09BXPHV01P08_18melt down, my the self in the path of journies insight, XPHV01P10_01My Shadow on Venice Beach, XPHV01P12_11Beings Journey into The All, XPHV01P12_14The Self Introspectivly Sees , XPHV01P12_19Tribute to Maxfield Parrish, XPHV01P13_03in the mystery of self introspective, PAFPCD0663_068Colorful Bare Tree, Mount Lemon, Tucson, PAFPCD3344_057BOn the Shore, Pacific Palisades, California, PAFPCD3344_007Pacific Palisades, California, Her Twirl of the Arc of Birds, psyscape, 1970's, PAFPCD3344_008CSaguaro Cactus, Arizona, psyscape, PAFPCD3344_078CJumpy Wumpy, Mount Lemon, Tucson, PAFPCD3344_099Mount Lemon, Tucson, PAFPCD3344_106Malibu, California, PAFV04P11_08Hawaii, Palm Trees, Sunset, PAFV06P13_18Cobblestone Alley, balcony, flowers, Building, Elvas, June 1973, CEPV01P09_01The Marina, Golden Gate Bridge, Sunset, PAFD01_007The Marina, Golden Gate Bridge, Sunset, PAFD01_007BJump, Leap, evening, sunset, Mount Tamalpais, PAFD01_031Jump, Leap, evening, sunset, Mount Tamalpais, PAFD01_033skyline, buildings, hill, people, CLAV02P03_18CPAFD01_041PAFD01_044Evolution of the Journey, Panorama, XCEV02P05_15BNaked Mannequins in the window, Building, September 1966, 1960's, CAJV04P13_05early one morning, snow, Ice, Cold, Frozen, Icy, Winter, evergreen trees, Pine, Crater Lake National Park, PAFV01P02_06Rose Avenue, PAFV01P03_04Austin Creek State Park, PAFV01P03_13Early one Foggy Morning, Rose Avenue, Cotati, PAFV01P03_15Jumping off a Cliff, Bear Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine, PAFV01P04_19The Faceless Man, harbor, Maine Coast, PAFV01P05_07Santa Monica Beach, PAFV01P13_07This is at the Swimming Pool at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, Pacific Ocean, Clouds, PAFV01P14_01Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, ocean, 1970's, PAFV01P14_10Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, ocean, 1970's, PAFV01P14_12Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, ocean, 1970's, PAFV01P14_13Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, 1970's, PAFV01P14_14Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, 1970's, PAFV01P14_15Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, 1970's, PAFV01P14_15BWGabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, 1970's, PAFV01P14_16Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, 1970's, PAFV01P14_17Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, PAFV01P14_18Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, PAFV01P14_19near King City, California, PAFV01P15_06Temescal Canyon, Pacific Palisades, California, PAFV02P01_07Temescal Canyon, Pacific Palisades, California, PAFV02P01_11Santa Monica, PAFV02P03_08Santa Monica, PAFV02P03_13Yosemite National Park, Waterfall, PAFV02P11_04Yosemite National Park, Waterfall, PAFV02P11_16Yosemite National Park, Waterfall, PAFV02P11_18On top of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, PAFV02P13_16At the base of Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite National Park, Waterfall, PAFV02P14_07BBryce Canyon National Park, Utah, PAFV03P08_17Family, Strolling, Water, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California, Ocean-Beach, PAFV04P03_15Point Reyes National Seashore, PAFV04P04_08Point Reyes National Seashore, PAFV04P05_18BPoint Reyes National Seashore, PAFV04P06_01BSomalia, Africa, PAFV04P12_16Ocean Beach, psyscape, Ocean-Beach, PAFV04P13_13BBoy, Burkina Faso, PAFV05P04_03Santa Cruz Boardwalk, PAFV05P08_03Santa Cruz Boardwalk, PAFV05P08_04Waterfall, Iceland, PAFV05P09_03Man on Beach, Walking, PAFV05P09_15PAFV05P09_16Pacific Ocean Waves, beach, sand, PAFV05P10_12Blooking west towards Bolinas, Mount Tamalpais, PAFV06P05_04Mt. Fuji, PAFV06P10_02fiber optics, PAFV06P11_12Cannon Beach, Pacific Ocean, sand, landmark rock, Haystack Rock, PAFV06P11_17Washington State Coastline, Huge Mushroom Pods of Erosion, PAFV07P02_05A Tribute to French Impressionism, Panorama, PAFV07P05_03White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, PAFV07P05_11Pacific Ocean, Beach, Water, PAFV07P12_06BAfrica, Tree, PAFD01_053the harbor at Bear Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine, Harbor, PAFV01P04_14BTopanga Beach, PAFV01P11_19BTemescal Canyon, Pacific Palisades, California, PAFV02P01_02Santa Monica Bay, Beach, Sunset, Pacific Ocean, PAFV02P02_14Yosemite National Park, Waterfall, PAFV02P10_14BStinson Beach, Marin County, California, PAFV03P01_02Woman Contemplating, Tiburon, Marin County, California, Sunset, PAFV03P01_04BCouple, Bucolic, Tiburon, Marin County, California, Sunset, PAFV03P01_08Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, PAFV03P11_16Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, PAFV03P12_04PAFV04P07_16BSouth Africa, Sunset, Person, Repose, PAFV07P15_02.0495South Africa, Sunset, Person, Repose, PAFV07P15_03.0495Golden Trees, PAFV03P10_17DSonoma County Coast, Sunset, Sunclipse, PAFD01_080The Alien Glow of Discovery, PAFD01_092Gabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, 1970's, PAFV01P14_14BGabrielle Roth Dance, Venice Beach, 1970's, PAFV01P14_15BGabrielle Roth, Dancer, Venice Beach, 1970's, PAFV01P14_16Ba quiet stroll on the beach, PAFV04P08_13BMan and Woman with the Sun, PAFV04P10_04BOcean Beach, Ocean-Beach, PAFV04P13_11BPAFD01_105The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Tzu, Sand, Footprints, Path, Children Globe in the Sky, Inspirational Poster, PAFD01_111B
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